Blockchain Startup Centrality Takes on Apple and Google in Next Tech Battleground – Decentralized AppsBlockchain Startup Centrality Takes on Apple and Google in Next Tech Battleground – Decentralized Apps





New Zealand-based Blockchain DApp platform Centrality has announced a partnership with China tech giant InfiniVision and Japan-based Jasmy – founded by the former President of the Sony Corporation.


The partnerships will connect Centrality to Asia’s leading consumer brands including McDonald’s in China and China’s biggest retailer Bailian Group.


“Centrality is set to shake up the fast food, banking and shopping industries across Asia. Big Macs on the Blockchain in China, not just yet, but helping to create better consumer experiences, definitely,” said Centrality co-founder Aaron McDonald.


Centrality is a decentralised marketplace for applications that are connected to it’s Blockchain platform.


“We are a bit like the Apple app store for decentralised apps or DApps. DApps allow consumers to trade directly with a retailer or service provider, rather than going through an intermediary like a bank,” said Mr McDonald.


There are more than 660 million smartphones in China that will be capable of connecting to Centrality’s DApp blockchain marketplace.


“There’s great potential for blockchain to bring about digital transformation in China –

but it is difficult for large corporations to implement due to the shortage of experts in the industry as well as a lack of trustworthy platforms.


“This partnership between InfiniVision and a fast-moving startup like Centrality is promising and will pave the way for Chinese consumers to embrace blockchain,” said InfiniVision co-founder and President Charles Cai.


Meantime, the partnership with Japan-based Jasmy will allow Centrality to connect with electronic devices using IoT (Internet of Things) technology.


“We are not competing with old world technology, Blockchain allows you to create a different kind of economic model. We are creating a new virtual economy to facilitate peer-to-peer trading,” said Mr. McDonald.


The new partnerships strengthen Centrality’s Asian footprint following a separate partnership announced earlier in the year with Wanda Internet Technology Group, the tech arm of Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda.


Centrality lists Japan-based token advisory firm CTIA as one of its major partners and has a current market capitalization of over US$100 million.


InfiniVision and Centrality will begin rolling out new projects in 2018. For updates, please follow Centrality on Twitter at



About InfiniVision

InfiniVision Network Technology (Shanghai) Inc is committed to the innovation and integration of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Blockchain, Big Data, and edge computing technology of the Internet of Things, and strives to be a master of advanced technology. Operating out of Shanghai, and soon to be London, Tokyo and San Francisco, the InfiniVision team actively embraces open source culture and open source core algorithms and architectures. InfiniVision currently administers 4 laboratories: DeepInsight Artificial Intelligence Lab, DeepFabric Cloud Computing Lab, DeepSource Blockchain Lab and DeepEdge IoT Lab.


About Centrality


Centrality is a venture studio that partners with leading innovators in key industries and across the globe to create a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace of applications. By using the platform, consumers can manage everyday tasks and experiences using peer-to-peer transactions through a blockchain-enabled infrastructure. When an application plugs into the Centrality marketplace, it uses tokens to navigate within the marketplace. Unlike many blockchain companies who sell their tokens before they’ve built any technology (or created any real users) Centrality already has a large portfolio of 20+ applications, which are already working and generating value independently, and enabling growth for one another. With a team spanning Auckland, London, Melbourne and Singapore, Centrality is equipped to support its customers across the planet in the transition to a blockchain-enabled future worldwide.


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