Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising Program


Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising Program


Brave Software, the publisher of an open-source web browser boasting enhanced privacy features, built-in ad blocker, and built-in cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token [BAT]), has commenced the trial phase of its ad program. Brave users who participate in the trial for the program will be paid a sum of BAT proportional to 70% of the company’s advertising revenues in exchange for viewing ads.

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Brave Browser Begins Trialing Advertising Program

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising ProgramBrave Software has commenced trials for its browser’s ads program.

The company, which was founded by former chief architect and CTO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, and former senior software engineer at Mozilla and former software developer lead at Khan Academy, Brian Bondy, claims that its browser offers a number of speed and privacy advantages over its competitors. Brave’s website claims that the browser loads pages up to two times faster than other browsers on desktop, and up to eight times faster of mobile – owing in large part to its inbuilt ad blocker that seeks to eliminate undesired bandwidth expenditure.

Once the product is fully launched, the browser will allow its users to choose between either block ads entirely, or earn the browser’s inbuilt cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token, in exchange for viewing ads. describes BAT as comprising “a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers.”

Ad Program Participants to Receive 70% of Advertising Revenues

Brave Browser Launches Trial for Advertising ProgramThe company’s ad program will see users view a “few relevant ads” several times each day. Each time an advert is viewed, the browser user will earn BAT tokens – with Brave set to distribute 70% of the profits generated through advertising with browser users who opt to view ads.

As participants in the trial will have their browsing histories sent to Brave for analysis, the trial may not be appropriate for those seeking to reap the full privacy benefits of the browser.

In April, Brave Software announced that they would partner with Dow Jones Media Group. The agreement was described as comprising “Brave [providing] access to premium content from Down Jones Media Group to a limited number of users who download the Brave browser.”

Daniel Bernard, the senior vice president of Dow Jones Media Group-owned Barron’s, expressed optimism regarding the deal, stating “Our partnership with Brave is an exciting and innovative step […] As global digital publishers, we believe it is important to continually explore new and emerging technologies that can be used to build quality customer experiences.”

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