HighIoT Presents its Smart Home Security Technology Using Blockchain and AI at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018HighIoT Presents its Smart Home Security Technology Using Blockchain and AI at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018


HighIoT Presents its Smart Home Security Technology Using Blockchain and AI at Japan Blockchain Conference 2018


Tel Aviv – June 2018 – HighIoT, creator of the Akita IoT cybersecurity device, and provider of IoT protection for smart homes, offices, and cities is attending the Japan Blockchain Conference to present its cutting edge technology and gig economy model.

In preparation for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Japan has released a document called the General Framework for Secured IoT Systems. The document stated that the development of an IoT security-related policy is crucial for Japan. Considering the growing number of cyber attacks taking place in Japan, such as the hacked Cannon security cameras on May 6th, and the nearly 1.25 million affected by Japan Pension Service hack, Japan is realizing that it is vulnerabe, and wants to ensure Tokyo 2020 will be a success. HighIoT, maker of the Akita device, is presenting its solution to cybersecurity of IoT devices in Japan’s Blockchain Conference.

HighIoT is a unique cybersecurity company that operates on working blockchain technology, allowing its services and products to use stored behavior profiles, detect malware, and make secure payments to the HighIoT Guardians. HighIoT’s gig economy provides new employment opportunities and economic benefits to community Guardians. HighIoT Guardians earn HIT Tokens as a reward for building IoT smart device profiles, creating one profile for each device used. Through the use of these profiles, HighIoT AI will discover malware and detect threats to IoT systems. Each developer’s mission is to protect connected homes and infrastructure from external threats.
After raising over $972,000 on its Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for its Akita IoT cybersecurity device, HighIoT is now building its community of Guardians.

Akita is a security device that connects to a LAN port of a home Wifi router, and scans the wireless network for threats using AI, shutting down IoT devices immediately after detecting unusual activity. Akita provides its connected smart home families with:

  • Threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and machine learning technology that do not use DPI to save user’s privacy.
  • A military-grade, cloud based, security platform that’s been retrofitted for the connected home.
  • An IPS security method that analyzes an IoT devices’ source to instantly flag threats and alert service providers on call 24/7.
  • HighIoT utilizes AI to further protect connected networks in any home by analyzing and identifying normal vs. abnormal IoT behavior in different locations of the world. HighIoT works to predict pending attacks and stops them before they occur in specific networks.
  • HighIoT also uses AI to discover existing malware on specific IoT devices, by detecting anomalies in their internet activity.

Igor Rabinovich, CEO of HighIoT, brings his expertise in cybersecurity to the Japan Blockchain community. He will be presenting the gig economy model, and share how blockchain and AI are providing better cybersecurity.

“Blockchain technology is still young and has potential to solve many of the problems we are facing in cybersecurity today.” says Igor Rabinovich, CEO of HighIoT. “In such a collaborative space like blockchain, it is exciting to gather techies from all over the world to protect ourselves from our own technological advances. This is why I am excited to launch HighIoT’s Guardians program, to take control of security, and reward people for protecting their community.”

More information about how to secure HighIoT homes click here:



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