PR: GIN Hits Three Milestones in One Week – Cryptopia Listing, PIVX Addition and Investor Dashboard Debut


GIN Hits Three Milestones in One Week - Cryptopia Listing, PIVX Addition and Investor Dashboard Debut

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The still young GINcoin cryptocurrency continues its ascension in the crypto market. With its rapid development, the project is ticking three important boxes last week: getting listed on Cryptopia, adding PIVX to the turnkey masternode deployment platform, and launching an all-in-one Investor Dashboard, where masternode owners can keep a close eye on all of their masternode investments.

PIVX masternodes can now be deployed on GIN’s masternode platform

Since its launch, the GINcoin platform has become the go-to utility tool for anyone looking to set up a masternode, regardless of their technological knowledge. By constantly adding coins to the platform, they enabled masternode enthusiasts to easily diversify their portfolio.

The team worked out a two-lane highway for listing coins on the platform: one focusing on the well-established projects in the masternode field, the other giving every coin available the opportunity to apply to be listed and afterwards being subjected to a community vote. The first one has led to its first major breakthrough, pushing GIN to reach an important milestone: the famous PIVX was just added to the platform.

Cryptopia listing – trade pairs available are GIN/BTC, GIN/LTC, GIN/DOGE

GINcoin was launched in February of this year and has developed constantly ever since, by adding more and more altcoins to its masternode deploying platform (!/) and by growing in value steadily. The increase in daily traded volume and the boost of investors’ interest prompted the team to ensure that the coin was more easily accessible. Hence, the natural step to be made was to get the coin to an additional exchange – Cryptopia.

Deposits and withdrawals are open, and trading started on 13th of June, at 3 am UTC. The following trade pairs are available – GIN/BTC, GIN/LTC & GIN/DOGE.

A new feature on the GIN platform: the Investor Dashboard – a quick access control panel

The Investor Dashboard was designed to offer a comprehensive overview on a masternode owner portfolio. It can be accessed through the My Masternodes section on the platform. It contains all the essential information: portfolio value, exits, revenue (24h, weekly, monthly, yearly), number of nodes, investments, earnings, individual masternode breakdown (ID, wallet address, days live, rewards, status). This applies to all the masternodes owned by the user that have been created on the platform. Moreover, the user can easily start a new masternode launching process by clicking the plus sign on the top right of the dashboard.

Masternode Investor Dashboard – Short FAQ

1. Why is the information in the Investor Dashboard different from that on

The algorithm used to calculate the forecasted revenue and ROI inside the Dashboard is different from that from While on MNO, the forecast is based on the instantaneous value of rewards in the last 24h, the Investor’s Dashboard uses an algorithm based on your individual portfolio returns in the past 30 days.

2. What exactly are Exits?

Every masternode owner is free to choose what he wants to do with the amount of coins gathered from masternode rewards. However, every amount withdrawn from the masternode will be registered as an Exit, regardless of the purpose for which it has been taken out. For example, if someone gathers 1,000 GIN from rewards and decides to re-invest it in GIN by launching an additional masternode, it will still be regarded as an exit.

3. The Exits amount value does not match the rewards value

The value of an Exit amount is calculated by taking into account the coin’s value in BTC at the exact moment of the exit. As such, the Exit amount value can seem incorrect, while it is, in fact, accurate. To make it clearer, here is an example: if 500 GIN are taken out at a point where 1 GIN = 1 USD, that Exit will forever be valued at 500 USD, regardless of the ulterior price fluctuation of the GIN coin.

About Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency platform that embeds, besides the exchange itself, a marketplace, a lottery, a mining platform, a rewards system, forums, and a Coin Information page for various altcoins. It was created by a company registered in New Zealand and it describes itself as “your one stop crypto shop”.

About PIVX

PIVX is a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transaction fees with market leading security & privacy.

About GINcoin

GINcoin is the first masternode deployment platform meant to be used by the mass market; its mission is to make masternode investments (and subsequently passive income generation through MNs) easily accessible to everyone, regardless of technical skill.

GINcoin Masternode Platform:
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