Ripple Announces An Upgrade to RippleCharts


Today, Ripple unveiled a new and improved RippleCharts, with a more holistic representation of total trading volume.

The most important enhancement is the inclusion of new markets such as Poloniex, Kraken, and BTC38. RippleCharts will continue to expand and evolve as XRP is listed on more exchanges.


So, what’s new?

Both the visualization and the functionality of RippleCharts are improved. The new visualization shows the trade volume of XRP both on the Ripple Consensus Ledger and off-ledger, via markets on third-party exchanges.  The data that users can view represents all volume during the rolling hour, day, three-day, seven-day, or 30-day window.  Users can view value in different currencies by selecting from the dropdown menu for an expanded view.  The displayed figures indicate the cumulative value of XRP traded, with each exchange represented individually below.  The relative size of the circle represents the percentage of total volume that occurs on each exchange, and each segment of the circle represents the volume of one particular currency pair.

We view RippleCharts as an open tool for the XRP community. We hope that its utility will continue to serve an important role in price discovery and displaying network health for the growing XRP market. Ripple is continuously committed to making XRP the most useful native digital asset for supporting liquidity between any two currencies in the world.

Visit the new RippleCharts here.


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