Schwartz Rides Again: Tour de Schwartz EU


David Schwartz — Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer and one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger — is hitting the road again. This time he’s headed to Europe.

From late May through early June, David will be stopping in multiple countries across the continent to attend meetups, give keynotes, and share his perspective with industry experts as part of panels and fireside chats.

Week 1: The Netherlands

David takes his technical expertise and knowledge of blockchain technology to The Next Web (TNW) Conference in Amsterdam this Thursday, May 24. He’ll be giving a keynote speech on his personal journey from discovering bitcoin and blockchain to becoming one of the original designers of the XRP Ledger and a key leader at Ripple.

Following his keynote, David will help judge eight entrepreneurs on their blockchain and crypto pitches in the final round of the Hard Fork startups contest. That evening he’ll join over 250 industry leaders and government officials from across Europe to discuss critical issues surrounding the regulation of digital assets.

Then on Friday, May 25, David’s back on stage at TNW Conference, where he will sit down for a fireside chat with TNW’s Dimitar Mix Mihov about the challenges of interoperability and decentralization.

Week 2: Germany

David is headed to Germany for Blockshow Europe on Tuesday, May 29 in Berlin. He’ll participate on a panel discussing how innovators can discover new decentralized solutions with blockchain technology.

On Friday, June 1, David will be in Hamburg for Unchain. He’ll be giving a 20-minute presentation at the conference on the importance of enabling the Internet of Value.

Week 3: The Netherlands

David will return to the Netherlands on Monday, June 4 for Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam.

On Tuesday, June 5, he’ll participate in a panel moderated by Sara Feenan to discuss how digital assets should be classified by global regulators. David will share the stage with’s Patrick Byrne, Colu’s Amos Meiri and Coinfloor’s Obi Nwosu.

Week 4: Ireland

For his final week in Europe, David is Ireland-bound to attend on Monday, June 11. At a meetup in Dublin, he’ll chat digital assets moderated by Fortune’s Robert Hackett in front of an audience of about 80 attendees from the local tech community.

Last but not least, on Tuesday, June 12, David will sit for another fireside chat at MoneyConf in Dublin. He’ll discuss how Ripple’s mission of establishing an Internet of Value can enable the democratization of global finance.

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