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The one and only David Schwartz — Ripple’s chief cryptographer and one of the original architects of the XRP consensus network — is currently on tour in Asia.

He’ll be featured on panels, lead a workshop and attend meetups in the region. David is on the ground building connections with the XRP community, sharing his perspectives on the broader blockchain industry and showcasing the technology behind the XRP Ledger.

David is now in Hong Kong with additional stops in Japan and South Korea over the next two weeks. Here’s a detailed breakdown of where he’s been, where he’s going and ways to engage with him along the way:

David’s first stop this week was the Founders Forum in Hong Kong where he participated in a panel discussion with leading blockchain experts. David shared his views on how blockchain is changing financial services, security issues in blockchain protocol and Ripple’s vision for payments.

David also attended a cocktail hour for Token 2049 on Wednesday, an event where one startup literally made it rain physical tokens from the sky in what they called an “airdrop” to raise funds.

His final stop in Hong Kong was a meetup hosted by Orichal Partners, a multi-strategy digital asset investment and blockchain advisory firm in Asia.

On Tuesday, March 27th, David lands in Tokyo where he’ll attend Slush Tokyo’s Opening Night alongside Chief Technology Officer Stefan Thomas and the rest of the Ripple team. Ripple is co-hosting the night with the Slush Tokyo team, and David will be mingling with attendees during the event.

Following a keynote speech by Stefan on the morning of Wednesday March 28th, David will lead a workshop on Ripple’s solutions, the performance of the XRP Ledger and how XRP will contribute to a future Internet of Value.

His final stop is Seoul for Deconomy, April 2-3rd, where David will be among several featured, industry leaders to speak live on stage, including Vitalik Buterin and Roger Ver.

We’re excited to follow David’s appearances over the coming weeks, and we’ll bring you the best highlights from Tour de Schwartz via Twitter. Follow us @Ripple and David at @JoelKatz.


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