TruePlay Redeems Online Gaming with Its Honest Casino Platform so Players Can Protect Their BetsTruePlay Redeems Online Gaming with Its Honest Casino Platform so Players Can Protect Their Bets



June 2018 – TruePlay, the B2B blockchain-based platform providing software solutions for online gaming businesses, aims to bring honesty to an industry that needs to guarantee a fair game. TruePlay makes sure your bets are safe by providing its software to licensed gaming companies and using the blockchain to guarantee your wins.

Online casinos players are tired of being cheated and always face the same dilemma when playing online: could the result of their game have been manipulated? Imagine betting on a game without being certain of a fair outcome. Unfortunately, many online casinos can’t always assure a fair game and many results are often connected to the size of the bets, rather than pure odds.

TruePlay provides a transparent platform that can be implemented to any gaming project. TruePlay’s blockchain platform protects all gamers from fraud, only providing the software to operators. The operators are licensed gambling companies that organize online games around the world, manage online casino projects, betting, online poker, online lotteries, and more.

TruePlay is currently collaborating with two operators; PokerDom, one of the leading online poker operators who is currently accepting TruePlay tokens, and Gamingtec, a platform for creating and running online casinos. Gamingtec launched its first pilot project based entirely on TruePlay technologies. Furthermore, TruePlay is licensed to work with, another pilot project, operated by Goldenrod Securities Ltd who are licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

TruePlay solves a number of key issues that the online gaming industry faces today. It provides gaming companies and players with:

  • Faster payment access through the TPLAY token, allowed by smart contracts and guaranteed by token deposits working across multiple casinos.
  • Game statistics access in real time by having full access to data for both players and for all operators’ games.
  • Worldwide access to the platform using blockchain technology decentralized resources.

TruePlay also introduces an unique honesty control system based on blockchain technology allowing players to check the independence of the result from the bet made. The preliminary generation of a series of game rounds before the start of the game, while preserving its hash in the blockchain, allows the player to ensure the invariability of the result from the their bet.

As Oleksiy Mageramov, CEO of TruePlay explains, “Playing games with the honesty control, lets players know that it is impossible to falsify the game’s outcome. Webmasters, who cooperate with gambling operators around the world, will be assured that traffic is not cut. Operators and game developers receive a decentralized structure of access to their game content around the world and protection from copying the brand and games.”



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