UK Financial Game Show Uses Comedy & Bitcoin to Entertain, Inform


UK Financial Game Show Uses Comedy & Bitcoin to Entertain, Inform


Who is the richest person in the world? Who said, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap?” Where do they drink the most alcohol per capita? Ireland, Scotland, Russia or France? Readers who immediately answered just might be perfect guests on Dominic Frisby’s Financial Game Show, launching in the United Kingdom. Prizes include standard fiat payouts, but the show is also offering prizes in bitcoin cash (BCH) and even silver bullion.

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Game Show Offers Prize Money in Bitcoin Cash

A recent announcement blogged by famed UK financial guru, Dominic Frisby, explained he “is host and quizmaster in [a] classic gameshow full of fascinating financial facts. Contestants from the audience (willing volunteers only) can win big prizes including £500 in cash – there is £500 to be won every show – solid silver and bitcoin cash. Games range from higher-lower for house prices to to high-pressure quiz questions with the £500 jackpot at stake. Exciting, informative, amusing.”

Dominic Frisby is a well known author on things financial, including Bitcoin: the Future of Money? (praised by no less than Sir Richard Branson). He’s also something of a television star, hosting very popular shows on financial literacy such as Let’s Talk About Tax, blending both finance and humor. Indeed, he bills himself as “the world’s only financial expert and comedian.”

UK Financial Game Show Uses Comedy & Bitcoin to Entertain, Inform

“I am very excited to be going to the Edinburgh Festival this August,” he posted. “My show is called Dominic Frisby’s Financial Gameshow. It’s at 5pm at the Gilded Balloon.” It’s a triumphant return of sorts, and mostly because it follows his “widely-acclaimed show, Let’s Talk About Tax.” As “the world’s only financial expert and comedian, Dominic Frisby has devised a new game show that mixes The Price Is Right with Mastermind. It’s all about money, finance, economics – you know, boffin stuff but made exciting,” Broadway World Scotland detailed.

Reviews have been positive. The Times described the new show as, “Very witty… entertaining and educational… impressive,” while The Spectator mused it was “Funny, absorbing… full of historical insights.” Mr. Frisby notes the show has “some great prizes for the winners: silver bullion kindly donated by Ross Norman at Sharps Pixley; Moneyweek subscriptions (thank you Merryn); bitcoin cash; and a £500 jackpot each show, donated by a mystery sponsor whose name is yet to be announced.”

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Images via the Pixabay, Dominic Frisby’s Financial Game Show.

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